Bio Hydra Synth Oil ISO VG 32 - 41083

Bio Hydra Synth Oil ISO VG 32 - 41083
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MAXOLINE Bio Hydra Synth Oil ISO VG 32 is a high grade biodegradable hydraulic oil based on synthetic base oils, esters, fortified with a suitable additive package.

Why one should use Bio Hydra Synth Oil ISO VG 32 - 41083

Especially developed for hydraulic systems of earthmoving equipment and permanent installations, that need to work under extreme high pressures and over a wide temperature range. These oils are extremely suitable for those situations, where pollution of the environment is expected and where very high operating temperatures can be realised.


  • Specific Gravity 15°C: 0,926
  • Viscosity 40 °C mm²/s: 31,32
  • Viscosity 100 °C mm²/s: 7,01
  • Viscosity Index (V.I.): 195
  • Flash Point °C: 265
  • Pour Point °C: -36

Performance Level

Ecolabel Biodegradable acc. OECD 301 B> 70%, ISO 15380 HEES, Elastomer compatability: Nitrile Butadiene NBR1-pass, Tested Fluor Carbon FMK2-pass


The data published are to our best knowledge the correct information. We reserve the right to alter the specifications any time and without prior notice.

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