Motor Oil Super HD 10W30

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MAXOLINE Motor Oil Super HD 10W30 is a universal Multigrade engine oil produced with special selected solvent refined base oils and additives.

Why one should use Motor Oil Super HD 10W30

  • Good detergency preventing deposits
  • Good dispersion preventing precipitation and sludge
  • Powerful action against wear, corrosion and foam
  • Low ash contents
  • A high viscosity index


  • Specific Gravity 15°C: 0,870
  • Viscosity 40 °C mm²/s: 73,80
  • Viscosity -25 °C, mPa.s: 6400
  • Viscosity 100 °C mm²/s: 11,25
  • Viscosity Index (V.I.): 142
  • Flash Point °C: 214
  • Pour Point °C: -33
  • Total Base Number mgKOH/g: 10
  • SAE: 10W30
  • Sulphate Ash, %: 1,21

Performance Level

Meets the requirements of
Volvo VDS
Cummins CES 20071/20076
Cat ECF-1-a, MTU Type 1


The data published are to our best knowledge the correct information. We reserve the right to alter the specifications any time and without prior notice.

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