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MAXO Antirust Oil 43217

MAXO Antirust Oil 43217 is an oxidation-resistant liquid, which by evaporation of the solvent will change into a wax-like semi-dry protective layer.
The product has been specially developed for the treatment of metal products in order to prevent corrosion, protection of machinery and metal parts and for long term storage, as well as for road and maritime transport.

  • The ideal solution for long-term protection in a damp environment.
  • Very good rust and moisture resistant properties.
  • Not aggressive to paint and rubber.
Article number





Specific Gravity 15°C


Flash Point °C


Performance Level

Appearance: Liquid at 20 d. C.– Film: Waxy– Solvent: White Spirit– Dyn. Visc. 20 d. C.: 60 mPa.s– Boilingpoint: 140 d. C.– Auto-ignition temperature: 255 d. C.– Odour: Typical– Drying time at 2