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Microcrystalline Wax Heavy 14653

MAXOLINE highly refined Microcrystalline Wax Heavy 14653 is a high standard wax, white in colour, odourless and with a low oil content and is well known for its excellent bonding properties. It is indispensable for making water-repellent and anti-corrosive coatings. To be used in production of ozone-resistant rubber articles, for polishes, oils-based ointments, preservative products., etc., etc.

Article number




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Congealing Point °C

84 – 88

Performance Level

Colourttttt-tvisualt-twhite/creamt+Density 100 degr. C.t-tASTM D1298tkg/m3t-t789 + Odourttttt-tASTM D1833tmax. 1,0t+FDA 172.886 and FDA 178.371; pass