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White Petroleum Jelly USP Eur. Ph. 11DTM

MAXOLINE high grade long fibre White Petroleum Jelly 11DTM, white to almost colourless and tasteless, to be used as a base in the production of a wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products: ointments, salves, creams, pastes.
Also to be used as a lubricant in the veterinary and food industry, as a plasticizer in the rubber manufacture, as a softener in the textile industry, etc., etc.
Meeting various International Pharmacopoeia like USP, Eur. Ph. and BP.

  • Suitable for Cosmetic-, Toiletries-,
  • Pharmaceutical-,
  • Veterinary-,
  • Confectionary-, Food-,
  • Rubber-, Textile-,
  • High-tech processing.
Article number





Colour Lovibond 2"cell

Max. 2.0 Y

Drop Melting Point °C ASTM D 127

58 – 66

Droppoint Ph. Eur. °C


Congealing Point °C ASTM D 938

49 – 56