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Pharmaceutical white oil ISO VG 24

MAXOLINE high grade Pharmaceutical White Oil ISO VG 24 odourless, tasteless, meeting inteational pharmacopoeia, like USP and Ph. Eur., to be used as a base in the production of a wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Also to be used as a lubricant in the veterinary and food industry, as a plasticizer in the rubber manufacture, for the textile industry, etc., etc.

  • Pharmaceutical, Drugs,
  • Cosmetical, Toiletries,
  • Veterinary,
  • Confectionary, Food,
  • Rubber, Textile and High-Tech processing
Article number



Specific Gravity 15°C

0,830 – 0,870

Colour Saybolt


Viscosity 40 °C mm²/s

22 – 25


option, select


option, select

Flash Point °C

min 175, typical 210

Carbonizable Substances

Pass (pharmacopoeia EUR. USP)

Pour Point °C

Max -6, typical -12

Carbon Structure CA


Performance Level

Pharm. EUR. / USP / NF / USD FDA 21 CFR 172.878 AND CFR 178.3620(A)