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Turbine Oil XT ISO VG 32

MAXOLINE Turbine Oil XT ISO VG 32 is a universal mineral turbine oil, based on specially selected and highly raffinated Group II base oils. Especially formulated to satisfy the demanding requirements of mode high output steam-, gas- and water turbines. Because of its composition is this turbine oil specially suitable for long service life. In addition to turbine applications is this oil also suitable for the lubricating of hydraulic systems, compressors, high-speed gears and certain bearings and other applications requiring high quality rust and oxidation inhibited oils which separate readily from water.

Under addition of mode additives are the following properties obtained:

·        Excellent high stability against oxidation even at very high temperatures

·        High aging resistance

·        Very good protection against corrosion of ferro- and non-ferro metals

·        Very good demulsification properties

·        Very good de-aerating properties

·        Very good foam suppressing properties

·        High and stable viscosity index


Article number



Specific Gravity 15°C


Viscosity 40 °C mm²/s


Viscosity 100 °C mm²/s


Viscosity Index (V.I.)


Flash Point °C


Pour Point °C


Performance Level

Meets the requirements of
BS 489: 1999,
DIN 51515-1 L-TD/-2 L-TG
Siemens TLV 9013 04,/9013 05(non-EP)
General Electric GEK 32568J27070/28143/46506E,
Alsthom HTGD 90117 W0001 (non-EP)